Ready to explore Lijm & Cultuur in ways you never have before? Take a dive into the deep with ANIMONO Academy, where a strange new world of cultural, artistic and theatrical surprises lies in wait. Be swept away by interactive performances, music, video and art installations, and find out for yourself what treasures & talens are hidden beneath the surface in Delft.

ANIMONO Academy is hosted by MONO collective - known for the annual Dorpsgek festival, where art and culture fuse into a music-minded event - and ANIMO, a culture and art collective known for hosting events where the attendees are also the performers, and where expectations are surpassed with activities ranging from spoken word performances to music written live in code language to a blindfolded drawing course.

At StuD Playground, MONO & ANIMO will combine forces to deliver a once-in-lifetime spectacle of learning, discovery, and mostly, a lot of fun. Come take a swim at ANIMONO Academy!

Your Idea

You and your friends wanna be entrepreneur for one day? Come up with a crazy idea for a stand and become part of the Playground! Set up a spare-rib joint, be bartender for a day or give yoga courses, nothing is too crazy! There is no box.. Does this sound interesting to you? Register your idea! Do you still have some questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us: